Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, April 25 2011

Hey Family!! Wow im not sure how time flies by so fast!! Its so crazy! This week has been pretty awesome, quite difficult but it didnt feel like it. We baptised a kid this week who is 24 years old, next week he gets the aaronic priesthood and he heads off to serve a mini mission!! How cool is that, one of my investigators already has his goal of serving a full time mission but for the moment hes going to serve for a transfer somewhere here in my mission. His name is Jose, pretty cool kid. This week we had a lot of success!! We brought the Franco Family, to church, the 6 of them are going to get baptised the day before my birthday, and we brought another family of 9, the Britez family to church, 7 of which are going to get baptised the 21st, we have a lady, Claudia, of 55 years old, who owns a HUGE motorcycle, she told us last night that she is going to get baptised, she has come to church 3 times but we have only been able to talk to her twice, she knows nothing of the doctrine but last night we read Alma 7:11-15 with her and she told us that shes going to get baptised! So shes going to spend alot of time praying and reading this week haha, it was a very spiritual lesson. Also Pablo, my long time investigator, he was going to get baptised this saturday but he has diabetes and couldnt get up sunday, so he will get baptised next tuesday, because that will be my last day here, i think. It has always happened that when im having a lot of success i tend to leave the area, i would love to stay and to see the fruits of my labors but we will see, i hope i stay but im not sure what will happen. We focused alot of our lessons this week on Alma 7 and it sure had a huge impact on the investigators, we didnt find anyone new this week but we did see a huge jump in progress of all of our investigators. It was a tuff week, i got distracted alot, but im happy that i was able to pull it off in the end, and im working pretty hard. Im hoping that this week will be even better, i cant believe next week is May, time flies by so fast! Good luck abbey on your student council thing, i hope you win, and man steph push through these last few days there!!! and i understood a little of your email hehe, google translator? Go collin go, swim your butt off man, and ya that would be a fun project to redo the bathroom at grandpas house, ive been wanting to do projects like that for soooo long now. Ive built a house here and painted a few but thats about the extent of work that ive done here. Well i dont know much more to say, ill be calling in two weeks hehe, so let me have the info i need, ive completely forgot. Time flies!! Thanks Carrie and Lindsay for writing me!! (Even if what linsday said was three words hehe) And thanks for the photos! Well i love you all! See ya next week!

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