Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday, April 18 2011

HEY FAMILY!! Wow steph, im suprised that you wrote a whole letter in spanish, the gift of tounges eh haha, first off, man dad, i almost fell out of my chair of excitement to hear that Andy is planning on getting married in the temple, its interesting the excitement that comes to me about the things of the church, before the mission it wouldnt have meant much, but wow now its like reciveing a huge truck
for my birthday, full of adrenaline. Im super happy for him, what an awesome change. About adrenaline, this week was full of it, i dont think ive worked so effeciently in my whole mission, every lesson i tried to focus on the guidance of the spirit, and man how cool was the reactions of my investigators, because of the lessons that we have had, EVERY SINGLE ONE KNOWS IN THIER HEARTS THAT ITS TRUE!! The only problem that we are going to have is helping them to act on the truth that they know, to help them overcome their problems, fears and for some to recognize that they know the truth, because just by the way they act and talk, by the way i feel their spirit i know they know its true, we brought a family of 6 to the church, and then 5 other people who will be baptised this week and next week, ive never focused so much on other people, my `prayers have turned from begging for help for me, to begging for help for them, i dont study at all for me, but for them, ive changed so much in these past weeks because of them, im pretty excited, these last few weeks here in formosa are going to be great!! I know realize like i said last week that if i focus on others that i naturally become better also, its great.

So a interesting story, we found a girl who, like judds investigator, knew it was true the first time we talked to her, we passed by the third time to visit her and when we got there a little boy,6 years old, was crying, grabbing his leg, i thought he had fallen or something, anyways the mom didnt come out, as we got closer, we
realized that a HUGE fishhook was buried deep into his leg, really deep, anyways the mom, 24 years old, came staggering out, about 15 mintues before her dresser had fallen on top of her, knocking her out, during that time the kids where out side exploring and found this huge fish hook and wire, because they live next to a little river, so after she came back to consience she found us out there with the kid, we
took a taxi to the hospital where they had a tuff time getting the hook out, first because it was so deep it was hard to get the barbed part to come back to where they could cut it, and when they finally did, the pliers that they had were completely rusted and they wouldnt cut the big hook, ive never heard such screaming from a little boy, quite stressful, finally they got it cut and had to give him more
shots for the rust that entered... The hospitals are super ghetto, but an adventure. After a few mins he was alright, we gave him a huge candy bar. hehe
That was saturday, and during that day we had alot of oprotunities to help people, first with her, helping two ladies with their bags, stuff like that, and it was awesome to see the way god served us, we had alot of sucess this week and im super happy for that. Im learing alot and im glad for this opprotuninty, although p days are the hardest days of the week, haha, the rest of the week im too busy to think alot about home, but man mondays are full of it haha. today i went to a supermarket, I FOUND PEANUT BUTTER! DORITOS! GATORADE! AND DOUGHNUTS!!! oh man it was sweet! I speant alot of money because ive never seen this happen before haha, so im sure ill ahve a good stock for a while hehe.

well i dont know much else to say, oh mom please send me more photos as a family, ever since my scriptures got destroyed i havent found the pics that i had, so i need some more. I love you all so much, ill let you know how this next week goes, oh i got to hear the testimony of one of my converts, a 12 year old girl and i pretty sure that i balled my head off, i super underestimated her love of the gospel, at such a young age she understands it so much better than i do, i learned alot from her testimony, everyone was moved by it. So Collin and abbey i challenge you guys to understand the gospel, i wasnt even close to understanding it until i got here, i just saw the gospel as something that stopped me from watching rated r movies and going to church on sunday but its so much more, its everything to me right now. I love teaching such great news to people. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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