Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, April 4 2011

Hey Family, wow that was a great conference, but it made me feel so trunky, oh man. The only desires that i felt was to become a better person after the mission haha. Its too hard here hehe, i felt the spirit alot, and i treasured those ten hours more than anything else in my life, i literally was crying when it ended, it made me miss the temple alot, i guess i havent had that level of spirituality for so long. The spirit was finally able to break the walls around my heart and talk to me, i never felt so much peace when surrounded by so many problems. I dont know how the apostles can do it, im barely making it by with what i have and they are able to do this all with thier family without a time limit on their calling. I think what it comes down to is i feel like i have alot of desires to become better but its like im trying to push a buldozer up a mountain, i dont go anywhere. This has been a hard week as usual, i dont know what i need to learn but man ive had problems finding people to teach, those that are progressing are starting to stall and are going backwards. But at least we have one man who is going to get baptised no matter what, he was a investigator a while ago but we had to drop him and when we went back something had happened and he was dead set on getting baptised so im excited for that. Im learning to put super small goals so at least ill be able to accomplish some haha. Thanks for always praying for me, im pretty sure i wouldnt be able to push on without it, i dont know why its so hard for me to preach the gospel. Well there is not much else going on, lifes the same. Thats cool taylor will get married the same day as mom and dad, that will be fun. Oh also during conference i never could stop thinking about my family and i want to thank mom and dad for their examples, grandpas and grandmas for their examples of service that they have been for me and for my aunts and uncles and their desires to fight to the finish in everything they do and for my cousins, oh man if i could be anything close to them. For collin, steph abbey and hannah, thanks amigos. I Love you all.

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