Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13 2011

Hola familia! Como estan? Life here has been great this past week, the usual. Half of the Britez family got baptised friday, it was a small simple baptism, three members came, but a whole buch of investigators came so at least they felt some support. This week for sure has been one of the funnest weeks in the mission, just the work and preparations for the baptisms and divisiones and stuff like that. I got to meet all of the coolest investigators from all of the companionships and that just makes life so much cooler to see so many interested people, thursdays we have family home evening in the church and it was fun to see all of those that i taught come to the activity, we taught them how to play mafia, it was a whole lot of fun. Then that same group came to the baptism the next night, they are so cool, then to a service project saturday morning and then stake conference downtown sunday! Which was pretty cool for people who arent even members to participate so much in the things of the church, if all goes well we will have a huge addition to the church that will already be used to attending activities, so hopefully they will be examples for the rest of the members. The baptism was very nice, the water was freezing and as i baptised the third person i had been in the water for more than 10 mins and it was so cold i could barely say the prayer haha. When my comp baptised one he was so cold that he said the prayer in english haha. It was very nice. We have three more baptisms this week and then two or three more in two weeks but im sure that i wont be here, wednesday is transfers and this time im pretty sure its time, i feel like i need to leave, i need a recharge, i felt like ive talked with everyone, i dont want to leave because i love the people and my friends so much but im not working near as hard as before, ive lost the drive to work so i feel like i need to change, but if not ill just have to change my attitude.
Wow a Ipad, ive heard of it but never seen it, im in formosa haha, Elder Tagge told me about them, but im excited to see how they are. thats cool that you guys are in nebraska, is there much there? So Morgan got engaged! She just told me! Thats pretty exciting but im pretty bummed that she gets married in august, so yet another weddding ill miss, STOP GETTING MARRIED WHILE I CANT BE THERE haha, i now forbid any of my friends to get married unless i could be there. Yesterday was one of my best friends last sunday in the mish, so i made him bruch! We had omlets, i have to brag a bit, ive become quite the chef hahaha, made pancakes this morning, you need to try and put marshmellow spread on pancakes with syrup, its so good! Well i dont have much more time but thanks for always writing me. Ill let you know whats up next week! BYE BYE

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