Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, June 21 2011

Wowa... is it really time for andy and judd to go home? i didnt think it came so fast, in fact i totally forgot until i just read the email, now im officially trunky haha, oh man. But im not that jealous, i have alot to work to do, i got transfered to Corrientes, Capital. Its like the catholic headquarters of our mission, and so its a super hard area, reminds me alot of Reconquista, the area is super beautiful and very nice, incrediably there is even a walmart!! oh man i thought i would never love the place, and mcdonalds also! The first time in almost two years that ive seen american stuff! Ha ha our apartment is full of peanut butter and salsa! So im with a newbie named elder Guest, hes super cool, from payson, and hes a hypnotist, so weve had some fun with that, i actually finally got it to work for me!! Its quite cool, as usual it amazes me to see how animated and better are the newbies than i am, man i remember when i was a newbie, i woudnt even be worthy to stand in their presence, they are going to be so much greater than i am or ever will be.
Our apartment looks alot like kim and genes cabin, smells like it too, its sweet! We have this balcony that overlooks all of corrientes, it has a picknick table and a bqq so we made hamburgers up there sunday for lunch! Finally i am able to feel like andy and judd when they talked about the missionary couple! In my district is the only missionary couple in the mission, The Larsons, from lehi, the sister is from mexico! so were going to have some fun! shes already made me salsa and we are going to make tortillas like crazy! They are a huge help! Finally a branch that are grateful for missionaries! Our branch is super organized, but i believe its because president and the larsons are always on everyones backs, we need to become a stake by the end of the year, 60 more melquisdick priesthood holders and were there, i need to baptise a man a month and reactivate a man a month, its crazy awesome here, finally i feel yet again that we are doing our work for a purpose! Im district leader again, i never got to feel what it was like to be zone leader, but oh well, i still get to interview everyone.

So we got some awesome investigators, i dont have too much time to explain them all but we have two that are particulary special, one who is named Carlos, hes reading three chapters in the book of mormon every day, along with two talks from the liahona and a chapter from gospel principles, hes awesome, he has some problems he has to overcome but im not worried, he has already expressed his commitment to continue to go even if they dont let him get baptised right now, we also are teaching a man named claudio, hes super cool, a true thug, tattoos everywhere, more scars than i had pimples, and was a hard core drug addict, he woke up one day and came to church, never wanted to live that life again, since then hes stopped, and is getting married friday... sweet!! Then we have a part member family! There is a little girl exactly like hannah, crazy and super smart! Shes 6 and isnt even member, yet she taught a class in the primary, so cool! Thier mom and two sisters arent members, but the two sons are, so we are working with the girls, and im sure they will get baptised. Oh we have so many but i dont have time to explain them all, but let me just say that thats the reason im not that jealous of andy and judd, because i have alot of work to do.
Sound like everything is going to go crazy this week! WAIT! as im writing this Andy must be on a plane!! Dude i thought they were going home next week but they write thursdays, crazy!! So let me know how that goes, i feel like i dont have any time, im so busy working, we have a hard time in front of us!
Mom i know we have pictures of the whole jacobsen side and the whole horrocks side, i would love if you could send me some! And also some fun pics from life(preferrably if im there) so i can complete my photo album to show people. THANKS!!
Also, i dont know how, but in January 2011, Elder Holland talked in the MTC in provo, and gave a very very powerful talk, i would love if you could find out how to get it, ive tried and i know you and dad are very effective in achieveing these kind of things, thanks!!
Tell laurie cousin (i think thats her name, she served a mission last year) that her trainee is in my district doing awesome!! and that i never ever got her letter!
So they say that this is a very dangerous area, i havent seen anything or anywhere crazy but to make things safe just keep me in your prayers =) Its so clean and normal here that i cant see how it can even be dangerous, but im used to formosa haha, you can tell danger by how dirty it is...
Anyways i loves yall mucho!! Keep on keeping on!

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