Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27 2011

Wow i didnt recognize a few of the kids in the pictures. Well if this hasnt been a trunky pday i dont know what else has, i didnt believe that andy and judd would finish their missions, thats so crazy, time has flown by, i still feel like ill never finish the mission. I saw Danny and Josh in those pics, man theyve changed quite alot, it seems like so long ago... Oh man, it sounds like its been a crazy week, with the twins coming home and youth conference, here its been quite busy also. It sounds like the homecoming was quite amazing, they are powerful missionaries, if i could give a talk half as good at my homecoming ill be happy haha.
But in the meantime, this week we have two more baptisms, were completing a family, which is always so cool! Thats my goal here in corrientes, to complete families, because there are so many members that they are the only ones in their families that are members, therefore they loose enthusiasm and go inactive, we have three families that are part member families that are super progressing. Ive learned to become quite bold, or not having to go around things so im able to learn exactly why they dont want to get baptised, i can do it without them feeling wierd or mad so i think thats a pretty good trait, im hoping it will come in handy to help these families become members. Other than that there hasnt been that much progress, its been a week of organizing my time and efforts, i felt like i was spinning my wheels so weve been trying to get in the rythm of things as fast as possible, this week will be alot better, the people here are alot like Reconquista, so its a little bit harder than Formosa to visit people, but thats why ive been focusing on part member families. So i hope to make a difference here in Corrientes.
A very big challenge ive been having is the ability to recognize the spirit and to have him guide me in very aspect of the work, when i testify i usually feel his presence but as we are looking i rarely feel him guide me, so thats been quite the challenge and my greatest goal, to learn how my constant companion works with me, i wont get too far without him, and its frustrating, i dont want to waste time because i realize that i dont have much left, and this week we spent alot of time looking without a hint of sucess, i want every hour to be of worth, thats why i need the spirit so much, and to have him help me teach, and of course with the spirit its alot easier to not be trunky or sad, which is always a constant problem haha, but at least im used to it.
So ive been practicing my cooking skills when i have all of my duties done, and ive marianted some great steak, i think im getting better haha, i do love cooking, definately will become a hobby after the mission. Ill try to learn some argentine food, but its all about the same as the states, hamburguers, pasta, pizza, empanadas, thats all we eat, they dont have a large selection haha. Boring food.
Its so cold here lately, at least to me, i leave the apartment with four pairs of socks, my jacket, sweater, and a winter coat an elder gave me, and i still freeze my feet off! My comp doesnt feel it that much because he just came from Utah, but i came from Formosa and man what a difference, im not looking forward to the cold of Utah, i never thought id say that.... ive become steph!! Ill always be cold!
So this was the last week of my old mission president and now we have the new one, well at least thats what we were told but i havent heard anything yet, so we will see how it goes! Alot of changes will happen in July!
About the talk, i saw it here, a copy of the movie of his talk he gave there in the mtc, it was about Peter and the feed my sheep thing. Anyways it talks about these types of commitments being for life, it was super good, ill talk with the assistants so they can make me a copy, but maybe its prohibited...
Well thanks for everything, this has been a wierd pday, i cant believe their home, im mixed with emotions, im not sure if im trunky, or normal or what, but anyways, its wierd to think their home, well LOVE YA GUYS!!

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