Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6 2011

Whoa, Thats crazy to think that Andy and Judd only have three more weeks in the mission, its pretty much unbelievable, time really does fly by, it hasnt felt like its been 2 years at all, and what an example they have been for me, its going to be great to be able to see all of those pictures that they took in a couple months, and to hear about all of those sweet experiances! But as we teach every single investigator, its necesary to endure to the end, and that sometimes is the hardest part! Its hard to stay focused sometimes when so much new is at home and so many of my friends are finishing the mission, haha, but i do believe thats why they have us have a schedule, so that we dont have time to focus on stuff like that. But man it sounds like Chris´s wedding was awesome, i would have loved to be there also but duty calls hehe, that stinks that dad wasnt able to go, and wow! Taylor sure has changed alot, its been a very long time since ive seen him! Anyways, the mission is going well, its been quite tuff this week, the Britez dad, Manuel couldnt get to the church so about half of the family will get baptised this week and then half the next week, which is alright but i wont be here for the other half which is the sad part,.but either way they are doing awesome, many apostate members have visited them, because they cut hair, and theyve heard that they are going to get baptised and they are filling their heads with all sorts of stuff, but they dont listen, they feel good in the church and thats all that matters for them. All of the other
baptisms got postponed for this week, one of my investigator´s baby is super sick, it hasnt been able to eat for 3 weeks, it eats then throws it all up, and it hurts the baby so bad that it passes out, the worst thing ive seen in my life. So they are having alot of challenges. But a big difference in me now and from before is that the lack of success doesnt bring discouragement, only more opprotunities to change, become better and problem solve. I havent been the greatest missionary this
week, in fact, it was very very hard for me to put in practice everything that i need to do to be a missionary, i was super inefficent and it was very hard for me to follow the spirit, thats been the biggest challenge, im not sure why its like this but im figuring it out, ive come to realize that my prayers and studies are
sloppy, therefore i believe thats whats leading to being a sloppy missionary, but ill get it all figured out, i truly dont feel like god is satisfied with my work ive been doing this transfer, every sunday i dont feel the satisfied feeling that should come when one feels the spirit, and thats the frustrating part, im not sure what to do but ill just have to step it up and start being what i need to be, thats
the hardest part haha, i feel like i dont have a strong mind to be able to achieve my goals but im working at it, anyways, im glad to know everything is going good at home, i hope mom and dad have a great anniversary this saturday! HAHA i remembered! Loves and see ya all next week.

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