Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, August 1 2011

Hey Family!
Well quite the change has happened this week, it was transfers this week and we came to find out that im training again! So im going to die in the mission with a noobie! But man im so excited, hes an amazing kid, he learned alot of spanish in the MTC so really its alot easier to teach with him than with Elder Guest, His name is Elder Sharapata, from California, Concord or something like that, near the Sequoya forest. He has a strong drive to work so im quite excited to work along with him. Hes already taught me so much, i feel pretty intimidated by how awesome are all the new missionaries! Man i was nothing like that! Man they are going to be so much greater than i could ever be, ha ha but i am what i am. It was quite the story to go get him, i went to the Bus station at 8 am to drop off Elder Guest then i hung out there for a couple hours, i asked the Zone Leaders what time i needed to go, he told me 4 pm, so i chilled there, then i started reading some of the informs that he had and i read that all the trainers had to be at the Mission Office at 10 30 am, and it was already 11, so they sent me in a taxi to the bridge between Corrientes and Resistencia, then i had to wait for another taxi that could cross the bridge to come and pick me up, well i got in the first one that there was with an old lady that only said two words,¨gloria a jesus¨ and two more impatient ladies, well we got to the bridge and all of the traffic stopped, it was like 90 degrees outside and i was stuck between two old ladies for like an hour without moving, we finally started moving, a brick truck had lost its bricks and because its only a two lane bridge noone could pass.... Then the taxi would only let me off at a certain stop, ive only been in Resistencia like 3 times and i dont know it that well, but i had to walk around alone until i found another taxi that took me to the church, man it felt so wierd to be by myself, anyways i got there way late, but its alright, i ate lunch with my comp from the Mtc, Elder Clark and a few of my other friends who are training, i found out about alot of the families in Formosa, the Britez family is still going to church and Pablo got divorced, Jose is planning for the mission and all of the investigators that i left behind got baptised, so i was quite happy with all of the info that i heard. I feel bad for my newbie to have to have had such a week, it was so hard and not much was able to happen, we have two or three investigators that we can only visit once a week, so we have had alot, alot of time looking for people, but man noone has accepted us, im used to it but it must stink to have such excitement to preach and to get rejected all the time, i remember the despair i use to feel to have to do this for two years, but i hope all starts to turn around. We need to have success here. This has been a very hard three weeks. I dont have time to be trunky because im so mad at the lack of success, im going crazy haha.

Wow that sounds like a very few awesome stories! What a miracle about both dad and steph, its good to know that God watches very closey over our family. Im grateful nothing bad else happened. Ive been praying and meditating alot and ive been feeling the need to talk about the Atonement for my homecoming talk. So we will see how that goes. What a lucky duck steph, new laptop eh! And it sounds like some awesome activities are going on these next few weeks!
Well i think thats about all for this week, i cant think of much else to say! LOVE YA ALL!!

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