Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, August 8 2011

Hey Hey family! Hows it going back in the States! Here its been quite a hot week, i have no idea why its so hot! Man its buggin me haha, its supposed to be winter so we are supposed to have a break from the heat but oh well, im pretty sure god just wants me to have my fair share of heat before i go back to the perfect weather! But anyways, that seems sweet that collin enjoyed EFY. Haha steph you hung out with Thaddeus? How did that come to pass? That brings back some awesome flag football, oh i cant wait to play that in a few months haha. Man gene got released? Hes been bishop for as long as i can remember! Im sure they released him so he can be the next stake president! And my Morgan got married!! aw man she promised she would wait so i could be at the wedding haha, but at least tell her she needs to send some pictures!!! Did you know that Candace moved! Crazy how fast the world changes...
So the mission has been quite the challenge this week, i have drastically tried to perfect my plans, feeling like i need to make the most with the little time that i have, since it usually takes one to two months to baptise someone, i know that the people im training are going to be the ones that are most likely to be my last baptisms. Ive felt good with my plans but there hasnt been much sucess on the completion of the plans, if we based my sucess on my investigators completing with their commitments then im not getting anywhere, noone came to church, most dont read and some sometimes pray, but i must continue. I have a baptism this week which im very excited about, Maria is like the coolest investigator ive taught, because she is one of the few that are truly super excited for her baptism, shes invited all her friends, and has already prepared to be a sunday school teacher once the calling comes haha. Shes so cool. But other than that, we dont have anyone thats progressing, except a 18 year old girl Imeali and her 20 year old brother Isiais, but niether have come to church... So im quite frustrated that no one is progressing, which makes me feel like i dont have the trust of the members, since i havent brought anyone new to church since the beginning of my time here, and thats the frustrating part, i have no idea what else i can do to help the people want to commit to living this gospel.
But im quite enjoying my time with my newbie, Elder Sharapata is an excellent elder, its nice that i have a comp that truly wants to work, i never felt like i had that desire and so thanks to him its not as hard to be able to get out the door in the mornings, and it doesnt matter how hard the day gets we stay quite happy, even though i would like to leave this area with some success. But i still have some time to be able to do it. Zone conference is this week so i will be able to learn exactly what god wants for me, since ive always recieved the help i need there!
Im doing quite fine, except that ive really been streching my patience, i dont want to leave the mission trunky, nor leave without making a difference in this place, so thats really helped me to stay focused, yet sometimes it gets super hard, i think i sometimes get scared when i remember how hard the first part of my mission was and how i do not want to ever feel that again, so i get anxious and hope for the end but when i sleep on it i always wake up and find a way to focus, so its not that bad. I have nightmares about starting the mission over haha. But ive sure learned alot.
Well im glad that al is well at home, im sure excited to one day get back there, but im doing a great work, and cannot come down, not just yet!
Loves ya all!!

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