Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29 2011

Hey Family! Hows it going? Im normal, nothing new. This week started out warm and got super hot, holy crap i felt like i was in Formosa again yet without the nice people. This week has been as tuff as the usual, not a single progressing investigator, Romina, the young mom we found this week, got separated this thursday, a crazy experiance, and so its been hard to talk to her, seeing as how her exhusband had already gone to jail for beating her up, she had to be quite careful on the whole breaking up thing. So anyways i hope she will start to be able to progress, her kids are crazy, 5 and 3, the 3 year old brought out a liter of milk and poured it all over me, quite a delicious smell the rest of the night lingered about me. The family of five hasnt been home, so that kind of stunk. The mom and daughter who came to church last week, the mom got bit by her pitbull, a huge gash in her leg, so she couldnt go to church, and many other difficulties with them, we are loosing them to the world haha. And thats it, weve found a few others this week but we will see, not to much hope. We had no investigators in church, but i did have 2 less actives come to church, but i did nothing but put myself in contact with them and invited them to come back to church, and they came back. Quite amazing. Maybe they will help us in the future.
So this week to lift our animo, or enthusiaism, a member took us to walmart and we ate at McDonalds for a lunch apointment, sounds quite normal eh, but no this was the first time in my whole mission that someone has taken us out to any kind of restaurant, so it was super cool. That happened to be the best work day, other than that. This week was super tuff, as usual. I just want to teach, yet noone is letting us in, thank goodness that this is my last area and that i didnt start here or man, i dont know what i would have done, i would have been destroyed. Super frustrated, and the branch is falling apart now also, every week more people go inactive, and no one new is coming... So i hope things start to change, i wanted to make a difference in this area, but its not turning out that well haha. But ill just have to continue and try to do my best, 7 weeks left to do what i can. Anyways, thanks for the info from home, my zoneleader called me last night, said i got the package, he took half of the seasonings haha, but THANKS!! I love you guys so much, im so excited to come home, my dreams kill me each night, yet i try my best to not be trunky but to tell the truth im ready to go home, yet ill do what i can to finish with my calling. Love ya all!

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