Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey Hey! Ha so youve liked my last few emails, ya ive been quite freaked out this week because its been so good, im afraid that something bad is going to happen to make me suffer like before, something definately has changed. One month left! It hit me thursday, i went to my last zone conference, we got to listen to Elder Foster, the 70, it was pretty good, not much deep doctrine like lasttime, more like capacitation, which was cool, one month to put it into practice, he practically talked about our job as a missionary is not only to baptise but to edify the church in the area we serve, so i felt alot better, he said something like a missionary at the end of his mission will not measure his success by the amount of baptisms but of the legacy he left in the areas he served. Pretty cool eh.I gave my final testimony to the 98 other missionaries that were there, if front of the 3rd of the mission. What a blast, to bare my testimony to every single one of my friends, i saw so many there, it was absolutely one of my favorite moments of my life, brothers in arms. I spent the day with many old friends from the mission, it has felt so long the mission, yet has flown by so fast, so many things have happened in my life since then!
This week was ok, i messed up alot in alot of descions i had to make, which brought very little success, but i learned and hope to never make such stupid decisions, but oh well, i learn from every event. We had some awesome lessons this week with Rokie and Betty! Oh man if all goes well they are definately going to get baptised, im super excited to see how it goes, they are praying, reading and have promised to go to church as a family, and they are always trying to get the whole family to listen to us at the same time, every time im there with them i feel like this is the family god had prepared for me! Super sweet, Navarro is their last name for future reference. Then the Casais family, the mom was the first lady i interviewed the day i got here 4 months ago, and since we inherited that area it is now our responsibility to help the rest of the family of 7 to get baptised, they are super cool, the dad knows its true, but he has a doubt that i cant understand yet, hes scared to make the change or something, i know he doubts jose smith and he doesnt like the fast and testimony meetings, but i dont like those here either, everyone says the exact same thing, but there is something thats holding him back, but they all listen and hes breaking down bit by bit, i sure hope to be able to make the change! Betty is going to get baptised this weekend, she had a smoking problem, i asked her to show me her brand of cigs to see what they are like, she showed me and i sacked them out of her hands and put them in my pocket, since then she hasnt smoked. and is super excited for her baptism! Super cool stuff! Romina is being a baby, she loves reading the book of mormon but doesnt want to commit, shes so cool yet frustrates me! Yet we will try to help her.
So i woke up 4 30 in the morning saturday morning to what i thought was a nuclear explosion, first i saw a huge flash of light, then the BOOM! almost shattered the windows, everything was rocking, sounded like someone shot a gun next to my ears, and we heard the roar for the next 30 seconds, the biggest lightning bolt, or thunder that ive ever seen or heard, SUPER COOL! I sure love the lightning storms here, dont even feel lke sleeping.So im sending a couple pics, the big church thing is a momument to where the catholics believed the virgin appeared to talk with them, super crazy, so i showed them who holds the real keys! Another is my pday activity that i did with Elder Brown, there is an american war veteren that lives here in corrientes, we went to his house and hung out with him for a while, super cool! Another of my zone here in Corrientes, the coolest bunch out of them all!

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