Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday, September 5 2011

Hey Familia!! Como Estan todos? Man this week was an alright week, ive learned a whole lot this week. So first off i was only in my area for two days, the rest of the time i did splits with other Elders. So in my area there is no progress, noone came to church and we dropped eveyone but Romina, and we found a couple that has a chance to get baptised but we will see, they arent that literate and cant understand that much but im sure if we are simple that it will work out.So first off, the Hermanas in my district have had a super hard time, like us, bringing people to church, so the asistants had us do splits with them, My comp and i went with one sister one day, and the zone leaders with the other, then the next day we switched. These were the splits that i learned the most, and i will never forget, so amazing. So both days we drew the short straw, we didnt have any set meetings with any investigators so we ended up looking for people from 11 in the morning to 9 at night.At first i was like crap this is going to stink, but then man i fell in love with the work, we talked with every single person that came into our sights, and we werent light about any of it, we were super bold letting everyone know. It was super fun, and with a sister missonary we were super focused and our lessons that we had were some of the best ive ever taught, in fact every single person we talked to couldnt deny the fact that it was true, but had to decide if they were going to follow the truth or not. And since the sisters work in downtown Corrientes we got to work in the city, super fun. At night when we got to the apartment i was too excited to sleep, i wanted to get back out and work, and there was a feeling that i had never felt up until this moment, and i can say i felt very much like Ammon, now i understand why they would serve a 14 year mission a little better. For the first time in my mission i wouldnt have been too upset if they asked me to serve again. I liked it alot.I learned so much from the Sisters, so cool. When i got back to my area, i was quite sad, i loved those two days, but now i get to go put the same things in practice here in my area. So thats the plan and we will see how it turns out. Im super grateful, we went with the intentions of teaching the sisters and they taught us. A super success.
About other things, so Saturday we ate lunch with my converts, then right after we went down to the river to take a few pictures in a boat thats beached, super cool, so we took pictures and hung out there for 10 mins, then we felt the need to leave, everyone felt it. So we started leaving, but we couldnt go back the way we came because its a cliff, so we had to go around, so we helped everyone get off the boat, the kids got off first then we helped the mom and others, well the two kids ran towards another beached boat, which has a pathway behind it to get back up, and they saw a bunch of druggies coming down the path, so they booked it into the forest to hide, then the two girls warned us and we with the moma and two babies hid beneath the second boat,well my comp didnt understand what was happening so he didnt move that fast, and i was too nervous to tell him, anyways the druggies saw him, and they broke a bunch of branches and blocked the pathway so we couldnt escape, we hid beneath the boat for like 4 mins before they made eye contact with my comp through one of the portholes, but luckily they also found one of the girls at the same time, they knew that she knew who they were and if they did anything to us that she would report them, so they let us go, they didnt know that the family was with it was quite nerve racking hehe, but we were super blessed, so you dont need to worry. And we got some cool pics out of it. I felt like i was in some kind of movie.
Anyways, so maybe in a few weeks ill have another baptism, Romina is progressing quite well, by our conviction she knows its true and she will pray and know for herself. And we will find some more people so im excited. But i cant believe i only have 6 weeks left, it flies by so quick, so im pretty sure that im not going to let this time go to waste.
Thats quite funny bout steph, but im glad that shes ok. The twins are always crazy, and im excited to get back to participate in the crazyness. Anyways, thanks for the candy and for the spice packets im super excited to use them!
Anyways, love ya all so much!!

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