Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26 2011

Hellloooooo! As grampa would say. So this week was super fast, it suprised me how fast it passed, this has definitley been the week that i have dug in and gave it my all, i wouldnt let myself think of home, yet i thought only in my investigators, and it flew by! Theres the key haha, and we had tons of success, we are finding tons of people who seem to be quite willing, weve excelled all our goals, and the families are progressing. The Navarros daughters came to church, the parents couldnt because they were sick, but other than that they are all progressing and will surely get baptised. We had a baptism this week but it fell through, she was super confused with the interview and then she thought no one would come to the baptism, we filled the font and cooked the cake and the members were starting to show up and still she hadnt come, so i called her and she said that she didnt want to get baptised because she was the only one... wierd excuses, we were very straight with her, super bold and so she commited to get baptised between sessions at conference, so thats going to be sweet.
We have done a couple family home evenings every week and last week as we were singing the closing song the family started changing the words and started chanting, all 10 of them, ¨Elder cannot go! Elder cannot go!¨ Or something like that would comeout in english. If it didnt get hotter i would be tempted to want to stay, thank goodness i hate heat! But ive made some good friends here. I have no idea how life is at home, it feels like so long ago when i think of home i dont know if im capable of living that kind of life, super wierd eh.
I did splits with the Asistants, they want to make sure i dont die trunky, yet the asistant started the mission one transfer after me so we are way good friends, so it was a fun day, so much fun to teach with someone who has tons of experiance, there is so much power.
So i cannot even wait for conference! Im super excited, i love conference so much!!!
So family, i feel like its time to start looking for a few souvenires, wow i dont know how to spell that word, soveniers, suvenirs, gifts from another country... Anyways, i am wanting to know if there is anything special that you want, so let me know, that way in the last two pdays i can go hunting!
Well i love you all!

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