Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12 2011

Hey family!! Hows it all going? Im doing quite well, this is definitly going to be my favorite time in my mish, these past two weeks have rocked, and even though im so excited for home, im enjoying my time here, loving it! I have a major activity every week until my death here so i have something to keep me busy, and they expanded my area, the other Elders in this branch left, so i have to open one more area along with the other area i already had, so President is giving me alot more responsibility! So ive been super exhausted, and they added one more companionship to my district so i have had no time to sit down and relax, which is awesome. I love preaching, teaching, and suffering, because it wont last much longer haha.
We have worked our butts off this week trying to get everything into place, we need to find a new apartment, reorganize all of our work, and try to find all of the investigators of the other elders, and focus on ours, find new people, the list is infinite! But im loving it, the only thing that is a pain is that its getting a little hotter everyday, but im getting a little taste of summer before i go back and freeze to death, i wonder how that will be...
So we have a super cool family that we found, they had never listened to the missionaries but they have recieved a book of mormon from old neighbors, during the whole lesson i truly felt that god told me that i have the possibitly that this family can get baptised, that they are prepared, so that was super cool, now it all depends on me. Ive only visited them twice but man ill do anything to get them baptised, the oldest daughter, 28, is the ring leader, she gets her whole family there to listen, so i sure hope that all goes well, Rockie and Betty are the parents names so please pray for them!! Romina is having a tuff time, her kids are crazier than ever! She just wont come to church, but we will get her there!! Betty is an investigator from the other elders, shes getting baptised next week, so i get to baptise at least once in September haha, shes super cool, she gets Nephi mixed up with Joseph Smith, its quite funny. And we have a few other part member families that i inherited, that i have taught a few times since ive been here, and im excited to help complete the families, since that was my goal here in Corrientes, im glad Heavenly Father has given me the oprotunity to inherit this other area, now i can do it again!!
The Nordahls are coming back! Super cool! That is like the week i finish the mission, what a crazy week that will be eh! Ya i was pretty trunky yesterday with 9/11, time flies by.
Well not much new, next week will have plenty of info im sure! so LOVES YA ALL!!

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