Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, May 10 2010

Hey fam! It was so good to hear from you guys last night! and i didnt even get homesick!! I really felt more of a desire to work, half to show what im made of and the other half to just get to work, to pass the time and get lost in the work, well this week i have done three big accomplishments, the Gomez family is going to baptise! And the pacheco family also, so i will have 12 baptisms this next month! All of my work will finally start to show, which makes me happy, and the third thing is that i wake up happy so thats a huge accomplishment!! Hmm i dont know what else to say this week, except that the members here love me, haha my bishop is going to buy 2 kilos of mint ice cream, and the machado family is going to make a huge cake for me! and all of this will be for dinner, and we will have a party for 30 mins during our dinner, and then the gomez family is going to do a bbq with me for lunch on my birthday, so im excited for that! Dont worry the members are taking good care of me mother, today we played volleyball and soccer from 11 to 5 today, im exhausted! We played for a cake and we won but i couldnt eat a cake because we had to go to try and call the mom of Elder Soclle, but he couldnt use my card but he bought another one and man it was a pain, but all is well now! Well i cant think of much else to say, so i will just say that i love you all so much and i cant wait to hear more! Goodbye!

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