Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31 2010

Well sounds like the trip gets funner every year! Ha it was wierd that i didnt even think about it this week, after last weeks email i was sick of my attitude, and tired of having the same feelings, so this past week i have decided to try setting goals, for the first time haha, and it really worked well, it gave me a drive to work and made time fly by and it gave me huge success this week, i didnt let myself or i didnt have time to think, i have loved this past week. Tuesday was independence day for argentina, so we got to eat a soup with the ward, it was alot of fun to have a ward party, i sure love my ward here, we brought our investigators, the gomez and pacheco family, and they loved it, then all week we have been setting up a talent show in the ward, and that came to pass saturday night, and holy crap it was awesome, i loved it alot, it had alot of argentinan culture and i got to see alot of comedy, it was alot of fun. I dont really want to leave my area but we will see what happens, this wednesday is transfers and i have been practicing all week how im going to be better, i have improved alot this week, im starting to learn when i get homesick to just be obedient and work and it is a little easier, if i keep this up ill be a pretty good missionary by the end haha, we played some soccer today, i kind of realized i wasnt made for sports that involve balls, never was haha, but it made me really miss my triathelon, thats something that i really want to do when i get back. Oh so i got the package! man the cars are sweet! I opened it while my companion was interviewing another companionships investigators and so we all opened it, there was three kids from 9 to 11 there and we played with the hotwheels for a while, one of the maple extracts opended up so everything is sticky haha, but it didnt do anything to the flavor! I am super grateful for the sweet tarts! And the other companionships loved the corn nuts, twizzlers and skittles, we had a good time sharing it all, but im not going to share my nutterbutters haha, thanks so much for the package, i was ju st getting used to not having delicious candy when i recieved it haha, what a treat, and i cracked up when collin wrote that hes turning into a girl! Haha what a wierdo! Thanks for the letters and the food and ill write you all next week, i dont have much else to say! I love you all and miss you so much! its wierd to think that in one week a year ago i would have recieved my mission call... time is flying by, but the same time its a never ending story, depending on the day haha! Well i lvoe you all!

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