Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17 2010

Dear Family! Well this week has been a pretty good one, difficult as usual but im starting to enjoy it a little more every week. First off thanks for all of the emails, i love getting emails! hehe. Well i did celebrate my birthday well, i started off the day finishing up my fast with eating lunch with the gomez family, we fasted with the family so that all will go well so they can get married, they almost died of hunger haha.We ate milonesas, which are like giant chicken nuggets, they are delicious, after that we worked hard and that afternoon spent a half hour with a professonial soccer player who has played in 7 countries, we had a good time talking about sports and then the gospel,after that we went to the Mochado family and they had a huge cake for me it was delicious they are a huge support here for me and they take good care of me, after that we went and taught a lesson with the Pacheco family who are going to be baptised, and they had bought me a cake also, so saturday i was taken care of haha, then all of the missionaires called and sung to me in english and spanish and we had a happy ending to the day, this week i did splits with the zone leaders to show them what i am made of and it was a good time, we rocked the area with numbers, we did more in one day than we usually do in three so i was pretty pumped about that.I believe the president will see something in me one day, haha one of my good friends from the mtc is already training, so thats crazy! I believe we are having more sucess than i can imagine, we have 15 people who want to get baptised, which is very rare here, seeming if you can have 15 in a year your a huge success here, but i believe its because we are finding all of the chosen that were prepared before and now, ha and the older missionaries here couldnt find them, but we are rocking it here, Elder Soclle is starting to be more obedient and its easier for me to do everything possible, so all in all everything is perfect, its a little warmer this week, but today changed the weather drastically, its raining like crazy here, and im soaked from head to toe, but i love it, i love walking in the rain, i feel like a traveler in lord of the rings or something cool like that. but all in all im having a pretty good time here, ive decided i dont ever really like it during the time, but when i look back i love it, so its worth the sacrifice. Its all in my mind right now, nothing is physically difficult here now, the weather is tolerable or perfect depending on the day, its always cold at night so thats all i want. The only really difficult challenge i am having right now is that i work so hard all of the time, but if i allow myself to think about the future and that i have to do this for two years i lose hope and its tuff to recover it, so im learning to not think in the future, but to only think about today like jesus said to do in matt 6, and if we do this we will be taken of like the birds or the grass are taken of, so i know that i dont need to worry as long as i am working for the lord, and im starting to love it here so much, well i love you guys, it is good to here from home as usual, it sounds like you had a good time in Las Vegas mom, and its good to hear about Bryce, ive thought about him alot this past month, and steph, oh man i remember gotcha, haha noone knew my target, nor the teachers who organized it... it sucked! Well good luck with it, dont be blonde about, take it seriously and kick some butt! Get the help from the professional, Tay tay haberman was one of the best! The legend of gotcha haha, it was good to hear that my idol also had a hard time yet he learned to love it also! Im working on it, alot of fasting and praying, haha im quite proud of myself that fasting isnt a problem for me anymore and i actually look forward to fasting once a week, its such a spirit builder! Well i love you all so much! Its hard to be away from my home but i have learned how much i want my family!! Good by my familY

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