Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24 2010

Hola familia! It sounds like life is a blast there at home! Oh man goblin valley... my heaven here on earth haha, man im going to miss out big time haha, congrats on stephs showcase, what a cool accomplishment to direct a play, oh i remember the senor dinner dance, i hung out with Thomas Peterson practically the whole time, what a blast! And wow two years has gone by since i graduated from seminary, whoa, and high school also, time really does fly by eh! Haha but its been dragging on here in the mission, but there are days that i love it, and days that i dont want to be here, so either way just depending on the day the time changes haha, its either fast or slow. This week has been a bit of a drag, mostly because we only had 2 youth investigators in the church and both the pachecho and gomez family didnt show up, this is week 3 of the gomez family not coming to church, so its a little frustrating, since we put the baptismal date they havent come to church... But im working on it, we will get them coming.This week we had to give baptism interviews in Ituzango, which is a little town 90 kilometers from posadas, about 1 and a half hours from posadas in the buses. It was a fun little trip, its a very calm town with a beautiful church, it was fun to break the routine, because thats whats been so tuff lately, at the end of everyday i just feel like ill be doing the same thing for the next 17 months and its a huge downer, which really staggered my performance this week, man my mind is like the ankle of achilles haha, if i think about the future or the heat i just lose all hope or patience or something, ive been fighting this weakness my whole mission and i havent been able to conquer it yet, its really frustrating, i dont understand why im like this, i try my hardest not to think about the future, and take things day by day, but its so hard and its practically impossible for me to do it, so if you have any advice i really need it, everytime i try to get lost in the work i get scared and back out, i have a huge fear, huge.It just eats at my soul, but dont worry, ill continue to fight and perservere and hopefully ill find the answer soon. But im trying something new, something that i should have done at the beginning of the mission, i have set goals every night to make sure that everyday is better than the last, that should help me alot. I havent done anything this hard, i hardly never enjoy it during but i am proud of myself after, so right now its worth it i think. More patience and diligence and ill get out of this mindset, or whatever this is.But on the good side i had an interview with the mission president this past week, he asked if i was ready to start being the Senor companion and i told him i could use the responisbility, he laughed pretty hard at that comment, he asked how many months ive been in Jardin, my area, and i told him about 6 months and i think that will be it, he laughed again and said who told you that you would be leaving, truthfully, i want to stay here my whole mission, i really do love the ward and we have found some really good families, but im willing to be anywhere that im needed, after this he told me that of all of the elders that have the potential to gain more responsiblitly that i was the one that stood out most, so that was good to hear haha, so we will see what happens in a week and a half, im excited for whatever happens.
Today i learned how to be a championship ping pong player, haha im addicted to it, argentina is really good at soccer, chilie is really good at ping pong, so i have been learing from the chileans here, and im learning to be really good, its alot of fun. I bought a mp3 player to play all of the songs i have recieved here in the mission, im pretty excited to listen to some sweet scottish music about Joseph Smith. All of my investigators are progressing, slowly and rapidly, ill tell more next time! Love you all so much, send a bunch of pictures of goblin valley and stuff!! I love you all!

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