Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, May 3 2010

Hey hey mi familia! Its good to hear from you guys this week, this week has been pretty dang good, after last monday i decided that i better kick it into gear, so tuesday i decided to fast, and it was a very successful day, i felt good about my attitude and my purpose for fasting, wednesday my companion and i had a capatiation with the zone leaders where my companion learned how to be a district leader, and ya i still have my same companion. After this we found a perfect family of 6, who came to church with us all, it was really cool, they all loved it so much and we are going to challenge them to baptism for the 29 of may, so hopefully everything goes well. Idk what it was but my attitude really changed and i recieved alot of the help that i had been looking for and needed, its still tuff at times but im learning and as i learn to forget about myself i forget all of my worries, i have a testimony of fasting, which i have done twice this week, i know the lord sees our sacrifices and blesses us with what we need when we show our desire and do our part, thursday night we had a really spiritual lesson with the gomez family, they are going to baptize so soon! I want to challenge them to get baptized the same day as the other family, the 29th, so i hope that will go well, they are reading and praying in family and they needed that lesson to remind them why we are teaching them, so i am really excited to do so, saturday we spent from 11 to 7 walking in the street because noone would let us in and all of our plans fell through, but i didnt care and i was happy, which was really suprising to me, the first time walking under the sun for 8 hours and it didnt effect my mood at all, yup im being blessed, then saturday night we took a investigator to a baptism to watch what it was like and all of our zone was there with investigators it was sweet, then sunday morning we filled the church with our investigators, we had 11 investigators in the church, two families, more than anyone in our zone, it was sweet and i was so happy haha, i finally feel like im starting to be a missionary, i didnt even think about p day this week so thats a huge bonus. Today to celebrate our success all of our zone went to the chinese restaurant and we ate bigtime, after we had a uno card competition and then a ping pong tourney, its been an awesome day, awesome week, and one super happy missionary, a little homesick for sure but dont worry, hes trying. I didnt even know that mothers day was next week, wow time flies, well i guess i will have to find out how to do everything and so thanks for sending all of the info before hand haha, whew thanks for knowing your son haha. Thanks for the photos, just keep sending some from whenever, but this next week needs to be from the saqouya trees, the giants in california, noone here believes the trees are that big, and im here to prove them wrong! So send some pics of that and yellowstone por favor, i also need my line of authority so if you could scan it and attach it also that would be sweet. Well i dont have much else to say if im going to talk to you guys on sunday! Wow thats going to be wierd haha, time is flying by, well i love you all and i hope all is well at home!

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