Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1 2010

Hey family, sounds like its been a week full of news. Thats too bad to hear about Lindsay and Joe, and also about mike and rebecca, ill keep them in my prayers. Sounds like mom had a fun trip to NYC, but a bit tiring. Wow collin, 56 in the 100 free as a freshman, and your also on Varsity! Dude way to go, your going to be a champion soon. Im glad to hear that everything was great down at the university with steph. That makes me super happy to hear about Bishop Johnson and my letter, i never thought that would happen. Hes such an awesome guy. Before i forget, if you havent sent my package i would love for you to send gold bond! That stuff is gold haha. This week has been hard as usual, but i dont know if i was that clear, ive always tried to be obedient because i do realize its the only way to be happy I guess im just losing my patience, all of the other missionaries around me are happy and i really havent felt happy here, i promise peace to my investigators yet ive never felt it personally. I knew i would find challenges but also happiness, since thats the promise that "Preach my Gospel" gives, but maybe that will come after my mission. Anyways im really really struggling but i hope to find a way out soon, i really just want to be happy. To wake up wanting to be here thats all. Anyways, this week was a decent week with my investigators, all of them are super excited to get baptised, really. They all loved the church meetings and are all excited to see the baptism of Catalina this saturday. So im quite satisfied with the progression of all of my investigators, really there are only 4 who are going to get baptised in november as of right now, and they are all going to be really stong members, we have two more who are so so and alot of people who have the capability to progress. Daniel is going to get married the 12th of November so im happy about that. umm, ya not much else is up, today we played soccer, and it was me and two argentinos against 4, i wasnt that excited to play because it was way unfair teams, well i, the only white kid there,beat them all, scoring 7 of our 9 goals, and they only scored 3. They were all suprised, and even more as the game continued. So i guess i do have talent when i can conquer my mind. We also got permission to watch charley, what a cheesy chick flick but i totally cried, oh man ive changed. I also realized how selfish ive been thanks to that cheesy movie. I feel like maybe thats why im not happy, so thats my goal for the week, ill let you know how it goes next week. I dont ask you to pray for me because other people need your prayers, well i love you all. PEACE!

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