Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23 2010

Well hello again family!! So now im writing to you from the hottest area in the mission, FORMOSA!! It gets up to 130 here, so when i got the call i was pretty scared to get here, i was used to the weather in Reconquista and now im going to have to try and live in the oven haha.It was really hard to leave Reconquista since i was helping so many of my friends, they were great. We all got together to watch a movie tuesday afternoon and after the movie i got the call, so it was great that all of them were there. So now im with my new comp, Elder Myrer from Provo UT! Hes a sweet kid, an awesome comp, so were going to do miracles together. We live in a nice house in a pretty ghetto neighborhood but im used to that. This area is a lot more roudy than my old one, the air smells like pure beer for how many people drink, but its a pretty humble place, everyone talks with us so its a whole lot easier to talk with people here, which makes the work alot funner than walking. Its a small area also so its alot different from the last. The elders in my zone are awesome!! We all share the same church building, which is huge, there are 6 elders in the same ward and then there are two branches, its pretty sweet. They are all happy and uplifting, and even though its super hot they are always making it fun. There are literally clouds of mosquitos above our heads, and each is about the size of a nickle or dime, huge! This area is a whole lot more physically challenging but the work seems to be a whole lot easier, as of right now we are finding alot of people who are wanting to get baptised. The members are great and its the first time in 5 months that i havent participated in the church haha, im loving it here so far, but its not that hot yet, 100 or so during the day, we will see how it goes.Well i dont have much more to say, i super miss the snow right now it seems haha. But we do have air conditioning for the first time in my mission!! So i sleep peacefully at night, awesome! Im loving it here, my comp is teaching me alot. It sounds like collin is doing awesome!! Keep it up man! Well love ya guys! I finally did the pic mom but i dont know how it turned out, didnt have that much time, or materials. But at least i remembered haha, peace! oh here is some pics of right before i left Reconquista also.

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