Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29 2010

Man i forgot that Thanksgiving was this week, i forgot it was November haha, because this is not November weather i am living. But man Disneyland sounded way fun, pretty suprisingly short but fun nontheless, vacations are the best!Im glad that you all had a great time and that you all got home safe, sounds like a crazy trip home, but its sweet that all is well. Man the family has changed so much, its hard to recognize you all, and its hard to imagine that ill be there one day, it seems like so long ago, and still seems far away haha, but im used to these feelings. Formosa is great, really, ridiculously hot, its not even December and its about the weather of Posdadas in the summer, so i cant imagine what its going to be like in February, but i have it in my head, four months of fire and then the physical part will be overcome, the water cuts out here always, ive showerd twice this week because we havent had water, so its been quite the week, i was only with my comp one day this week because of meetings so i have been with different elders every day, which has been awesome to work with other guys. But ive felt pretty lazy this week, its been a struggle to work, as always, but my desires havent been that great, ive been praying for quite some time now, over two months, to see if the book of mormon is true and if the church is true, i believe it is, for that reason im here, but ive never recieved a spiritual confirmation that clicks in my head that its true, so ive been trying that for so long and i think i just got tired of trying, but i pulled my self out of that hole, i know one day ill know its true. So thats been my problem for a while. But other than that this week has been awesome, ive gotten to know alot of members and made alot of friends. Our church building has a ward and two branches that attend so it was fun to go to church and have all of these people acknowldege my existence, it makes me feel great haha. My comp Elder Myrer, is freaking awesome, we get along super great and its great to be with an American, sometimes we get distracted but we teach a whole lot more powerfully and our personalities help the people alot. Ill take more pics of us and the apartment and all of that, and send them in the future. Mom im just going to call from our house because we have a phone, our apartment used to be the owners house, so it has furniture and decorations and everything, so its just like a house, pretty awesome haha. We even have a washer to wash clothes, when we have water of course. But ya, as usual im having trails overcoming my attitude but im getting there, hopefully before my mission ends ill figure it all out haha. Frustrating. Well i love you all, im greatful for my family and for all the love they show, im really not great at all, but im greatful that my family thinks that i am. Love ya all!

Heres a couple pictures of the wild elephant and dragon we found here in Formosa, dont worry i killed it, so it wont cause any more harm!

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