Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15 2010

Hey family!!
That was pretty sweet to see andy and judd able to meet together, but ya that would be a bit wierd at first haha. After being on the mish for this long i would act the same. Thanks for emailing me, i dont have much time this week, its been a busy pday, its the last one before transfers this wednesday so i was cleaning up some stuff, im absolutely dreading this wednesday, i cant leave here, this week has been an awesome week and i am finding the love of the mission, i love finding friends that want to hear the gospel. We have alot of people that are looking for the truth and they will be baptised soon, so quickly this week has also been one of the worst, because so many of our baptisms fell through, we werent able to baptise daniel because Reconquista is super lazy, i was pissed off, it really was because of laziness andill explain it better next week, also the twins that i was going to baptise also had a few problems and they cant get baptised now and we had alot of setbacks, but i got this going again, we had a bunch of investigators at church, it was district conference and they were all loving it, President was there so we got to listen to him, it was great, we also had zone conference tuesday, that was a good learning experiance, i realized that i dont have that many friends but i have good quality ones. Well ill have to tell you more next week, im loving it, even though it super hard im finding out the solution. Wow ive forgotten what home looks like, that just blew my mind. Well have fun my family, i dont have much time. Sorry mom, ive been super busy and a super big flake, i dont know when ill send the picture, but ill try, but its only a picture anyways ;) plus i dont have any supplies but ill try to find some paper and write something. Ill try to give a good effort this week! Love you all!!

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