Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, January 10 2011

Hey family, hows it going? Life here is tuff, hehe, but first,my old comp got transfered because another elder broke his leg and they sent him home so my comp went to repalce him, (so this week i have been trying to break my leg also jeje just kidding.) my new comp is from Buenos Aires, Elder Antonietti, hes super cool, we get along super great. We cant stop laughing so thats a good help and escape. He has 6 months in the mish and is super awesome. He looks alot like jack quincy, but short. This week has been super hot, the sun is super strong, i have burns from the rays of the sun on my arms, but not like sun burns, but burns that feel like getting burned with fire. It stings, ive never seen anything like it. Crazy. Anyways its alot better than humidity i guess, but still its been a tuff week, practically noone let us in this week, we spent a whole time walking, i lost more of my progressing investigators like that family and everyone that had a book of mormon, almost everyone that was listening has moved to paraguay or buenos aires. Really frustrating, the work is super slow practally no progress and that has been pretty depressing and frustrating. Although we do have a young couple who has come to church and attended a baptism, and they want to see a change in their lives so im pretty sure that they will get baptised in two weeks, aldo and yanina are their names. And one guy named diego is wanting to get baptised so thats great. But other than that we spend like 90 percent of the day walking around melting and then in the night getting eaten alive by the mosquitos haha. I dont feel that homesick but im just so stressed and exhausted and burnt out from not finding the success i want or being the missionary i need to be. But this has happened alot in the mission, but its just something that its hard for me to learn, these weaknesses that i have just dont seem to go away, i just cant achieve the change i want. But there is not much i can do but press on, maybe when the summer lights up ill start being able to acheive haha. Frustrating. Anyways sounds like life is pretty good at home, everything is normal, im sure collin will be able to letter, hes fast and stubborn so the sickness shouldnt take too much out of him. Steph can overcome it all also, you can do it! Well i miss you all, still feels like awhile until the end, so i got time to improve. Love ya all! Happy Birthday grandpa jacobsen! Next year we will celebrate eating that artichoke heart pasta! Oh i so miss delicious food! CHOW!

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