Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, January 31 2010

Hey family, whats up? Life is hot here as usual haha, super hot but im used to it, so its not bad at all, in fact, i sweat less than the people that live here haha, so i feel like im even more used to the weather than the people here haha, its a huge blessing. But as always this life is full of difficulty and distress, its still hard to enjoy my life and im rarely content but i know that its supposed to be hard, and im just trying to keep pushing forward, yet again this week has been a test of diligence, the power has gone out three times this week so i havent slept that much at all this week, i opened the only window i have in the apartment and tried to sleep in the chair but the mosquitos are numberless, and the stupid buzzing in my ear kept me up so much, our air conditioning broke and we spent one morning in the doctors office for some kind of growth on my comps hand, so i have felt super useless this week, and its been a challenge to get lost in the work this week, but we have had alot of progress this week, so aldo and yanina are going to get baptised this saturday, i didnt think they would because friday aldo freaked out and they had a huge fight and she disappeared and we couldnt find her, and we were sure they werent going to come to church, but they came and they are planning on getting baptised. So thats great, we worked alot with them this week, there is so many things working against them. Also we found a family last week who told us a story last friday, 3 days before we found them the mom, maria, had a dream were she saw me and my comp come to her house and give her a book of mormon and baptise her, haha we wondered why it was so easy to get her family to come to church, god pretty much did it all for us. Also another family of 5, the Jaquimin family, they called us off the street to come talk to them and they have 3 little girls, 13 12 and 11, they came to church with an old man who lives with them, who his dad is member, well the family and the old guy who lives with them are going to get baptised in two weeks, my landlords are going to get married when he gets his hearing aids so please pray for them, then the wife is going to get baptised. We have a 8 yearold kid named carlos who wants to get baptised next week, his ¨dad¨or the guy who takes care of him got excommunicated and is starting the process of coming back so we are having a whole bunch of sucess. Then we have a 23 year old girl named elisa who wants to get baptised but there are alot of things she hears that is destroying her faith, alot of ex members are trying to stop her from getting baptised and its literally impossible to fight against so many when she has her head clogged with so much stuff. But we will trust that the holy ghost can clear it all up. Well i have felt like i havent pleased god this week but he sure has blessed me with so much mercy that i get the chance to serve and teach so many awesome people who are really looking for the truth. This has been a super hard week with super cool results, but i know i can do better, because i feel so unsatisfied. Im depressed because i feel like i cant give it my all and after all of the problems ive seen from my investigators i have absolutly no desire to get married. haha oh so many problems and stress. I want nothing to do with it. Well im glad to see eveything is well at home, i got alot of letters this past week, and id like to thank them, thanks nebekers for the ice cream money! Ill put it to good use, they actually didnt except the money to change because they have never seen what the new 10 looks like, oh man argentina... thanks platts for the card and grandma for the card also!! Well love ya all!! oh and mom maybe you can try and send me a few recipies, like how to make tortillas, refried beans, and chips! i think it would be cool to make some mexican food! Well love ya!

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