Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17 2011

Hey family! Hows everything going? Oh man you dont know how much i want to switch cold for heat! This week has been ridiculous, i really havent felt such heat before, but miraculously it doesnt really effect me that much, a little, but not near as much as before. The sun here is super strong and with humidity it just becomes a magnifying glass, the mornings are unbearable haha, the people complain, but i always have a smile on my face, unless im hungry haha. This week has been good, Aldo and Yanina want to get baptised and hes doing everything he can to stop drinking, we go by and drink fanta with him so he wont drink beer. Diego has disappeared, but a few more people have appeared in his place, we are going to baptise our landlords the 12th of Feburary, which is super awesome, ive never heard of something like that happening, so we will be working hard with them, its funny just having to open our door and sit down and teach, and if we forgot something to run like two seconds to get it, its awesome haha. We got about 8 baptisms planned for the next 3-4 weeks, president is really trying to get us to baptise every week so we had a special capacitaion that helped us to achieve it, we took all thursday learning the precepts and when we put it into practice it really showed its fruits, so we will be studying and focusing to putting it all into practice, did i mention its hot? haha we had kind of a downer in church, we had planned for alot more to come and only 3 showed, so i hope to work a bit harder this week, i remember i used to be able to bring 12 or so, so im trying to find families to bring, my comp and i work hard and we try and always teach to the needs of our friends, and we are finding alot that want to learn more, but to go to church is always the most difficult part, mostly because the people here are super lazy. Thanks for the quotes and for the information, im truly trying to become better yet its super hard and feels like such a super hard uphill climb. Well collin, just dig in and dont let anything get by you, if its one thing i regret is not putting my all into the little time i had into swimming, so its your turn to become better than me. Abbey, being popular is not the cool thing to do, just make sure you have alot of cool friends who wont stab you in the back, steph, keep busy being busy, it helps alot to forget about problems, hannah, you keep watching sponge bob for me. I love you all! I hope all goes well this week.

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