Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24 2011

hey family!! Hows life? Man jordan westra came home? That went by fast. My health is good i think, i am always super tired because the heat is just eating me up, and my calling is also a little more burdensome haha, but not that much. Ive been wanting to excercise alot but i can do a few pushups and situps before im exhausted, i have really wanted to run but its too hot outside to run. Yeah its superhot here, but its not unbearable, there was only one day that i felt like dying, wednesday was a killer, i dont even know how hot it was but the power cut out and it was such an aweful night trying to sleep, above 100 degrees all night and its like sleeping in a pool of sweat haha, but after that the week has been hot but enjoyable, im used to the hot feeling and sweating so its nothing new, and the spirit has been there to help me alot so im loving it here, we are having a bunch of success, we have found alot of people this week that are wanting to get baptised, so on top of aldo and yanina and my landlords who are progressing super fast we found 6 more people to get baptised in the coming month, i know that if im even more obedient that ill be able to baptise all of these people. The lord has blessed me with an awesome way to teach and with awesome investigators to receive the teaching. Life here is hard as always but im loving it, im learning how to become more like a servant of god and im starting to see in a little way the completion of my patriarchal blessing. As i continue to press forward i know that ill become who i want to become, but its super hard believing in myself haha, i seem to fall so easy, it takes so long to reach a goal and then in five minutes it gets destroyed haha. But ive learned to continue on. Ya i do regret somethings from swimming, i was afraid to push myself beyond my comfort zone, i now know that going beyond the comfort zone is the only way to grow. So thats why i love my mission, not because its something fun or something i would prefer to do, but i love the person heavenly father is making me become, living out of my comfort zone is how i know that i can grow. i am coming to see the gospel as my life and less like a hobby like it always was in my life. Now i want to keep the commandments not because id disappoint my family, but because i know the blessings i could recieve and because i want to make my heavenly father happy. Have fun this week, thats cool your in california, enjoy the good weather haha. Love ya all!!
(and i have 14 baptisms i think, not alot but there they are)

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