Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2 2011

Hey Family!! So this week has been pretty cool, weve been pretty busy helping our investigators gain their testimony, the weather has been great as far as i can tell, these past weekend i have frozen to death! Its been great, ive been able work even harder haha, The Britez family took so well the law of chastity, usually everyone doesnt react too well to this law but they were super excited to either get married or drop their husbands, because three of the girls have their boyfriends who live with them, so man they are so cool, i have no doubt that all 9 of them are going to get baptised, and who knows maybe some of the husbands also, but they work all day so its been hard to find them. The Franco family has had some challenges with getting married, hes having a hard time making the commitment, even though i dont understand, he has 4 kids and has lived with her for 12 years, kind of interesting, but we had a good talk with him, so we will see how it goes. We baptised Claudia, oh man she made us chicken enchaladas and guacamole, the first time that i have eaten mexican food it 18 months, oh my gosh i cant even explain the excitement i felt, it felt as if someone gave me my greatest wish! So cool! This week i did divisones with Elder Holden, one of the elders who came with me, at the same time 2 more elders who were with me at the mtc came to our zone, so it was pretty cool to see all of them again, transfers are wednesday, im not sure what will happen, i dont want to go, but president called the zone leaders and asked alot about me so im thinking that im leaving, oh ive worked so hard this transfer, and i really want to stay to see it, but oh well, usually when im having alot of sucess i leave, its happened in every one of my areas. So im excited to talk this sunday, im not really able to think so much right now, i didnt sleep at all last night, its like i forgot how to haha, and we had a sick game of soccer, oh i love it! im able to put up quite a fight, yes im pretty prideful about it because ive never been that great at sports haha. We are having so much sucess right now, im starting to enjoy everyday and have sure found the happiness that i have wanted, im able to find the happiness in alot of things, i believe i have been able to conquer my mind for the most part, thanks so much for always praying and fasting for me. I love you all so much, congrats abbey for winning student goverment!! Thats pretty cool, i hope all is well at home. So my birthday is in two weeks, and the only think i ask from everyone is to get a email from everyone!! Dont worry about taking up time ill print them all off, i just want to hear from everyone haha, it seems so long since ive heard from everyone, anyways i love you all! Ill let you know what happens sunday, im pretty sure ill call around 7 or 8 here, if i stay but if i go i have no clue what will happen, im not sure what my comp will say, but it will be after your lunch. haha so good luck waiting haha, ill try to make it for 7 or 8 my time, i have no clue what that is your time. So good luck i love ya! The computers stink at sending pics here so sorry, ill try and send photos whenever i can! LOVE YA!

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