Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello family! Hows it going? All is well here in formosa, it has been a beautiful week weather wise, yesterday and today being the only hot days, but im used to it so it doesnt really matter. Not much new things have happened, We talked with the Father of the Britez family, he came to church and believes that the word is true but its a wierd belief, because he believes the word has nothing to do with the organization and therefore believes that he doesnt need to be baptised again. He believes the book of mormon is true and that what we say is true, but im sure he hasnt prayed or else he would understand it a little differently, hes quite a difficult man to teach, he can practically quote the whole bible. But the rest of the family is super excited to get baptised so thats great. Pablo, the ex policeman that i found in January and who has listened to us for quite some time is finally going to get baptised this Saturday!! So im excited for that, we have had to drop the Franco Family, that was quite sad, they just wouldnt do it, they didnt feel like they were able to live the gospel, they have no self confidence, even worse than me haha. But hopefully ill get to see a miracle, we will see. We found this one guy named Julio who has a family of 6, all beneath 7 years of age and man, he just wants peace in his life haha, kind of impossible with 4 kids haha, but really as we shared the message he felt our conviction and is really excited to get baptised, i know he will get baptised, his best friend is the sunday school president.Oh and we also found a family of 4 who i met the dad as we were heading to our zone conference, he was our taxi driver and it was quite the experiance, right as i got in i felt the impression or the feeling that i dont want to talk to him, that i should just be lazy, well when i usually feel that it means i need to do the opposite, so i talked with him, found out he had gone to church as a kid and was always interested in learning more, we passed by the house and the family is super excited to get baptised, yet more miracles, so if i play my part well, we should be baptising every week until i leave this place. I feel like im working hard but in a way that is super inefficent, i dont have the support of the members or im not doing something right to get them to help me or what. Our bishop has been struggling for these past 7 months that ive been here, hes been to church like 8 out of the 30 sundays ive been here and he only has one counselor and noone is stepping up to complete with thier callings, we have two men who have callings in the stake that are trying to keep the ward alive, we have over 30 new converts just from this year and only 4 or 5 have visiting teachers, so alot of our new converts go inactive if the missionaries stop visting them, and i dont even have time to find people between visiting all of the new converts, and my progressing families. So im quite frustrated, i half dont even want to baptise anymore because i feel that they will all go inactive like my converts here in Formosa, only 1, Jose who got baptised a month ago, is getting stronger and stronger.Many times this week i have come to realize that a hero cant save anyone without team work, it just wont happen, Aragorn himself couldnt stop the orc army without the help the fellowship and his countrymen. Ive come to learn alot here in Formosa about how the church needs to work, maybe this will be a huge benefit for me after the mission, everytime i get frustrated i always say that i wont let this happen in my ward, but we are trying to get everything organized, the stake realizes whats going on and are trying to bring orden to our ward. Anyways, that sounds quite crazy about all of the weddings and stuff, the world is changing super fast haha, one month for andy and judd, thats crazy, i have 3 transfers left, it feels like nothing, and i still have so much to learn, i havent even got close to who i should be! Anyways family! I love ya all! Thanks so much for everything, i love your examples and keep it up! The church is true!!oh i ya forgot to explain the pics, i got attacked by flour on my birthday, my converts came and i begged them to let me change first because i had my suit on, then that happend, my eyes were red for a week! MY newbie and i, the Britez family, and a few of the elders that came with me, and that we will go home together! lveos!

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