Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, May 30 2011

Hola Familia!! Fa there are alot of changes going on at home, whats with all this wedding stuff!! Everyones gettings married, likes its something important or something... OH my three weeks left and Andy and Judd call it done, thats crazy, how time flies, in honor of their departure that weekend before i have 12 baptisms planned! The Britez family is dead set on getting baptised, they are so cool, they took us to visit a friend of theirs who also is getting baptised the same day, they practically are members, then we have a 20 year old kid named Abel who already is doing missionary work, inviting other kids to church even though hes not even baptised yet, then another of my investigators who moved away in January came back last friday, and hes dying to get baptised, so after months of struggle im seeing fruits of my labor, im loving the work right now, whenever im down or trunky i just head out and get to work, and oh man what joy i feel, preaching the gospel just makes all worries go away, and just brings a happiness, a purpose to life, and the mission is setting up the rest of my life, and the more i live it the more i understand the purpose of my life, and of my patriarchal blessing, what a great experiance to grow. there is not much new news here, the weather is perfect, freezing in the mornings and warm during the afternoon, we go out running everymorning and yes this week, ive eaten my first bean burrito in 20 months, what a delicious creation. Yet tragically everytime ive made pancakes this week they have come out flat, and i dont know how to make them fluffy, it came naturally before, but it must be that im so far from home that the fluffiness left me, so mom help me, how do i make fluffy pancakes!?! Other than that life is normal, my newbie is learning very much, hes a super cool kid, as are most mexicans, haha. Anyways sounds like life is crazy at home, oh and all the baptisms are the same day as mom and dads anniversary and tay tay habermans wedding, so what an epic day that will be!! well love ya family!! see ya later!! oh ya and mom, if possible i want pictures of my WHOLE family, grandparents, aunts uncles aunts and stuff, i know we have those big group pics so send me some!!! por favor, and pics from my baptism! SO i can show people here my baptism haha! lovess!!

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