Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 9 2011

Wow that was suprisingly easy last night to talk with my family, i felt scared the whole day, i didnt want to call, the only reason i called is because i already told you guys i would, i didnt want to be sad afterwards, ive found it just easier to not think about home and it helps me stay here. But i really loved listening to everyone, i still dont believe that i talked to abbey, steph couldnt fool me, haha. Well we are all anxious for these next few months, i have to admit, but i do love it here also, its a whole different world with new experiences every day, i get excited for anything that has to do with the gospel, i love life thats all, yesterday and today have been a little hard but it will all go back to normal, im loving life, but my only goal right now is to immerse myself even more with the spirit, to be sanctified, because i dont want to give up all that i have recieved. Anyways, thanks so much for all of the emails, this has by far been my favorite time reading everyones emails, Robin i im quite impressed with what you and dave have done, thats soo cool!! Always have been a great example of how to go the extra mile, never satisfied with normal. Lindsay, i loved the 21 reasons why im cool, especially the red cream soda one and the clue ablities, and yes joe, ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! I didnt even know that maximus talks!! Shanon, thanks so much for that email, it helped me so much, its exactly what i needed in this moment. Its amazing how much help one can recieve from reading emails. Thanks mom with all of that information, now that helped me alot. Im so grateful for the chance that i had to talk with my grandparents, they are sooooo COOL!! Oh man im excited to spend soo much time with them after the mission. ANd yes grandpa, im strong enough to push that elephant back up the cliff, TAKE IT COLLIN!! Well i just wanted to write this week and say that im so grateful for my families, i know that there is not a kid more blessed than i, to have brother and sisters and cousins soooo cool who are my examples, for aunts and uncles who are legendary and for parents and grandparents who are too amazing for words to explain, im not even going to try and explain, but wow im so blessed, and beyond taht to live in an amazing ward, city, state, and to be able to have the most awesome friends ever!! THANKS YALL!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

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