Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16 2011

Hey family!! Como estan! I had a great birthday here in Formosa, i was super taken care of, it was a great time, it started off bad because no one came to church, we had 19 people commited to come and i dont know why but half ended up sick because of the cold front that came in the night before, so i was quite disappointed that i didnt have investigadores in the church for my birthday, the first week since december that i have had noone. But all of the members remembered my birthday and it was a very great time, then i had lunch with converts that i found here in december, they made ├▒okies, its a potatoe/ flour pasta thing that is super delicous, we had cake and it was a good time, during studies i was quite perturbed about the lack of success that i had this week and i prayed for quite some time, well i had super spritutal lessons and i saw my investigators react in ways that ive never seen before, it was really nice. So my day ended really nice.
This week was a great week, i felt like i had alot of success and that my investigators are progresing, we have at least 12 secured baptisms for this transfer, about 3 weeks left thats all. And i can have about 6 more if all works out, i know that they are all looking for the truth, but its so hard to help them realize that this is the only way to happiness. The Britez family is a family of 9 and they are all going to get baptised the 4th or 11th depending on the dads progress. They are so awesome, everytime i talk with them my heart fills with gratitude that heavenly father lead us to them, because its like weve always known each other, they are always reading the book of mormon and they are really excited for their future baptisms, its going to be a great experiance.
So new news in the mission, we cant play sports any more or get together with other missionaries, the worst rule ever, it makes pday super sucky, but oh well, 5 months left and then i can hang out with all my friends so i guess its not that bad. Theyve really buckled down on a few things that make it so that the only way for us to renew our excitement is just the work, before we use to discharge our stress getting together and playing soccer but now they dont want that, so we will see how it goes, so many elders and sisters are taking it so badly but even though i dont like it ive seen it as a little blessing, but we will see.
So i know how my new mission president is, hes from arizona, he served his mission here in argentina in cordoba and his son served here in resistencia in 2001. But i forgot his name, Hydes or something like that.
Well thanks so much for everyone sending me emails, i love getting emails and reading them, i miss home alot and its good to hear from everyone, i cant believe that andy and judd have a month or so left, thats crazy!
So i got the package, super thanks!! Im so excited to be making some refried beans and burritos, its going to be pretty awesome! Now that i have so much time on my hands i think thats what ill be doing next week, and im excited to show people how to cook some American BBQ! Well i cant think of much else to say, thanks so much for always thinking of me! I do love the mission even though its hard, because its something worth fighting for!
OH ya and dad i would like if you could send the measurements of your and collins scriptures so that i can get them ordered, their going to be super sweet!!

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